Who Are We? The Secondary Entrance 11 Plus Team

A group of high achieving students who want to make high-quality 11 plus education available to everyone at an affordable price.

We at Secondary Entrance are different

We’ve sat the 11 plus exams your child will be sitting. We’ve been to the 11 plus schools such as Haberdashers, QE Boys and St Pauls that your child will be applying to. We’ve gone through the same stress you and your child may go through during the independent 11 plus exam season.

We are a group of students who have studied at the leading 11 plus private, grammar and state school in England and study at the leading 10 universities in the world.

We understand because we have been there.

We struggled with finding good 11 plus tutors. We struggled with using different 11 plus question booklets without effectively teaching concepts, and rather focusing on rout learning. We struggled to find affordable help in order to achieve entrance into the school of our choice.

All our staff members have attended a university ranked within the Top 10 in the World.

We have sat competitive 11 plus entrance exams, and competitive university entrance exams.

This is why we believe we can help your child, because we know what it’s like being an 11-year-old child with an immense amount of pressure on your shoulders. We know the potential pitfalls in the exam, from tricky questions to effective 11 plus exam technique.

What do we offer?

We offer an all-encompassing, affordable educational package.

1) High quality, challenging 11 plus questions for the 4 core subjects. Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • We have created a thousands of 11 plus questions written by those who sat the exams themselves, providing realistic experiences to help prepare your child for the 11 plus better than ever before.
2) What are good 11 plus questions without a good teacher?
  • We offer a personalised 11 plus tutoring experience to match the abilities of your child, and the type of school they are applying to. Our tutors range from 11 plus specific private school, to grammar schools and competitive state school tutors, and have written the questions for our 11 plus practice test.
3) Free 11 plus resources and advice.
  • Questions and teaching may help children get the right answer. However, there are a number of preparation techniques, revision styles and helpful 11 plus tips that make the difference between being offered a place and not.
Meet Our 11 Plus Team

Our team comprises of question writers, editors and directors. We’ve pulled through the same exams that your child is about to sit, attended competitive state, grammar and private schools and now study some of the hardest courses at Universities that rank in the top 10 in the world. But there’s a bit more to us…


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