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We offer 4 11 plus books in each of Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning. Each book contains 15 11 plus tests, complete with solutions suitable for independent 11 plus exams. When you choose a package, you can freely select any combination of books as you require, at checkout. These books will be printed & posted to you. Simple!

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11+ Bronze


4 Books

In Total

60 Tests

With Mark Schemes


Our Price Per Test

75 Hours

Of Training Time

Printed Copies

Free printing


11+ Silver


8 Books

In Total

120 Tests

With Mark Schemes


Our Price Per Test

150 Hours

Of Training Time

Printed Copies

Free printing and delivery


11+ Gold


12 Books

In Total

180 Tests

With Mark Schemes


Our Price Per Test

225 Hours

Of Training Time

Printed Copies

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16 Books

In Total

240 Tests

With Mark Schemes


Our Price Per Test

300 Hours

Of Training Time

Printed Copies

Free printing and delivery


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Welcome! Before you make your purchase, you may wish to take a look below through our free 11 plus sample papers for each subject, or you may wish to take a closer look further down the page at exactly what each package consists of. While we recommend ordering to your requirements, it’s worth noting that it’s most cost-effective to buy a bigger package than re-ordering multiple times.

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We’re glad that you like what we have to offer! Please make sure that you log in before making a repeat purchase to ensure that you do not duplicate your selection and to ensure that you retain your previous packages. Our repeat pricing scheme works additively – for example, if you have a bronze package already, you can add on a gold package to upgrade to platinum.

Free Sample 11 Plus Practice Test Papers

Gain an understanding of what our test papers include and take the chance to verify their quality, and their value to your child.

11 Plus Maths

Paper | Mark Scheme

11 Plus English

Paper | Mark Scheme

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning

Paper | Mark Scheme

11 Plus Non-Verbal

Paper | Mark Scheme

Explaining The 11 Plus Packages 

What do we mean by 'package'? 

We sell our 11 plus papers in books of 15 test papers with solutions, and these books can be purchased in 4 different packages. The books will be printed and posted to you. We have 4 books in each of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Each package allows you to buy a certain number of books in any subject combination you wish. For example, with a Bronze Package (4 books) you may choose to pick 2 11 Plus Maths books (30 test papers) alongside 1 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning book (15 test papers) and 1 11 Plus English book (15 test papers). You could instead choose to order all 4 11 Plus Maths books (60 test papers) in one go. Any which way, you will end up with access to 60 test papers with this package. You will have the opportunity to make your exact selection of books at checkout.

Across counties in the UK, the four 11 Plus subjects are often prioritised differently. Additionally, you know which subjects your child needs to focus on, and so with this system you can tailor your package to best suit your child's needs.

What do you get with each package? 

11 Plus Bronze - Within the Bronze package, you can choose any 4 books (60 tests in total) from the 4 available subjects.
11 Plus Silver - Within the Silver package, you can choose up to 8 books (120 tests in total).
11 Plus Gold - Within the Gold package you may pick 12 books (180 tests in total).
11 Plus Platinum - Our Platinum package contains all 16 books (240 tests in total). It is extensive, but ideal for the early starter.

Is there a difference in difficulty between the 4 11 Plus books within each subject?

To a slight extent. Each book within each subject is challenging and contains a diversity of easy and difficult tests, however there is a very gradual upwards progression in difficulty moving from Book 1 to Book 4. This means that your child will continue on a learning curve while noticing that their results are improving, building both aptitude and confidence.

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11 Plus Maths

Time limit per test: 60 minutes.
Number of questions: 40 (all multiple-choice).
Number of question types: 40 (view basic syllabus here).
Mark schemes: Full mark schemes for all tests.

Each test paper contains 1 question on each of our syllabus points, and we address these questions from as many aspects as possible to help your child think laterally. Our questions attempt to provide as many real world problems as possible, to allow your child to understand the context behind why they do questions.

Our 11 Plus Maths papers are collectively enriched with over 1000 designed graphics, including tables, diagrams and images, to familiarise you child effectively with a wide variety of question types.

Questions may contain unfamiliar maths that draws on the core principles of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction to provide the ‘challenging’ questions that schools use to pick out exceptional candidates.

Download Maths Sample Paper Download Mark Scheme Detailed Syllabus & Sample Paper Walkthrough

11 Plus English

Time limit per test: 70 minutes (Comprehension: 40 minutes. Writing Task: 30 minutes).
Number of questions: 40 marks (Comprehension: 20 marks. Writing Task: 20 marks).
Number of question types: highly varied article and question types (view basic syllabus here).
Mark schemes: Comprehension: full mark schemes with exemplar answers. Writing Task: full exemplar responses.

At Secondary Entrance we believe English should be practiced in a written format. This provides all the skills in a child’s development in mastering the English language.

Each English paper contains one full length comprehension, with 8-10 multi-component questions of multiple-choice and short-answer nature, and one writing task. Our written style works perfectly with GL English exams, and is easily applicable to the CEM Verbal Reasoning style which focuses on grammar assessment of passages.

Through understanding how to construct a sentence and a story, a child may in turn decipher each nuance within a comprehension, and understand word meaning within various contexts.

Download English Sample Paper Download Mark Scheme Detailed Syllabus & Sample Paper Walkthrough

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning

Time limit per test: 40 minutes.
Number of questions: 40 (some multiple-choice, some short-answer).
Number of question types: 23 (view basic syllabus here).
Mark schemes: Full mark schemes for all tests.

Verbal reasoning is the bridge between Maths and English and as such, should provide a transition of logical reasoning, as well as providing a good foundation to English grammar and spelling.

Each Verbal Reasoning paper contains a diversity of questions in a format of both multiple-choice and short written answers. They vary in style and difficulty to provide a truly broad test experience.

Our verbal reasoning papers adopt a style similar to the GL syllabus, and have been adapted to add a level of context to questions within a sentence, or real world scenarios. Questions may draw on the definitions of words and their use within text, or even simply testing the spelling of challenging words.

Download VR Sample Paper Download Mark Scheme Detailed Syllabus & Sample Paper Walkthrough

11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning

Time limit per test: 60 minutes.
Number of questions: 25 (all multiple-choice).
Number of question types: 8 (view basic syllabus here).
Mark schemes: Full mark schemes for all tests.

Non-verbal reasoning acts to test the abstract reasoning of students, and their ability to solve problems using logic, but also attention to small details.

Our non-verbal reasoning paper have been made by our question writers to test a vast variety of different patterns, to stretch even the most able of students. We believe that for optimal training, a child should have ample time to answer all of the questions, with the limitation being whether or not they can figure out the difficult logic used.

Each paper is based on the 8 established non-verbal reasoning questions types, and the logic behind each question has been carefully considered by our team of outstanding question writers, before being digitally crafted.

Download NVR Sample Paper Download Mark Scheme Detailed Syllabus & Sample Paper Walkthrough

What makes these 11 Plus test papers so special?

  • They are written by those with first-hand experience in sitting the 11+ and doing exceptionally well in the exam itself, therefore mirror the difficulty of the exam, and have questions to challenge even the most capable of students.
  • Each paper begins at a simple level to help familiarise your child with our content. As your progress through the pack, the questions will increase in difficulty and challenge your child.
  • Each paper covers every point in our syllabus, therefore exposing your child to a massive array of question types and styles.
  • Each paper contains a small number of ‘challenging’ questions to truly stretch your child identifying their weaknesses and strengths, but also reinforcing good learning habits, and weaning out bad ones.

What 11 Plus syllabus do these tests conform to?

  • At their core, all examinations test a child’s ability to recall, understand and apply information in a given context.
  • Our questions assess all of their areas, ensuring your child receives the breadth of experience in all areas of assessment that they need to not only pass the 11+, but to achieve truly exceptional results.
  • At Secondary Entrance we believe in teaching your child the core principles of primary education, which through practice and development, result in your child being able to tackle any problem they are faced with, regardless of the style or format of the exam.
  • Our 11 Plus papers have taken into account question types and styles of all examinations for 11+, and have unified these into one, simple syllabus.

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